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The YeaShOre Community sponsors Bonfires
once or twice a month from spring to fall.

The Bonfires begin with Havdalah and
people from different communities are invited
to join together and sing, tell stories, eat, schmooz and
play around a Bonfire into the night.

It is an attempt to bring together some of the different sectors
in our community and to build stronger community.

We have been entertaining friends and strangers for over eighteen years.


Even though winter is not Bonfire season,
our community continues to gather during the winter months.
We gather for singing, storytelling, trips or theatersports
and more through the winter!!

We join other groups for indoor activities,
such as the Sea Chanty Sing sponsored by the National Park Service.

We go on Snow and Hot Springs Trips too!


To join the E-list, VOLUNTEER, questions,
requests, more info, or comments
E-mail to: Yeashore -at- yahoo.com.
(Replace "-at-" with the "@" sign)   Write soon and often!

...Be Seeing You...Maggid Raja Anderson...